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The Underclass

The late Michael Als, author of The Underclass.

The late Michael Als, author of The Underclass.

The Underclass exposes the harsh underbelly of the city and its inhabitants—the men and women who prey on the unsuspecting and vulnerable young as they go about trying to make a living in a city with no mercy.

Though set in Trinidad, this novel unveils the hardships experienced by the underclass everywhere, in Europe, Asia, Africa and the Americas.

Kissandra Bates is a dreamer, like most young people. She wants to leave the confines of her mother’s house and achieve her independence in the city. She is hardworking, has the fire in her belly and believes in herself.

But nothing had prepared her for the unflinching uncaring of the people she encounters, not even the savage assault on her by her stepfather. For Kissandra, and many like her, prince charming has long gone, replaced by the likes of Freddy, who “made her feel cheap in a cheap joint.”

The Underclass is not a novel for those who still believe in fairy tales. The story is real and unvarnished, much like today’s news. We may wish to escape its harshness, but can’t deny its existence. And Kissandra cannot give up, though she sometimes wants to escape.

The Underclass is a must read.

Whether you’re upper class, middle class or lower class, you must read The Underclass.

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