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The Carnival Suite

About The Carnival Suite

Renewal of Faith

Just when our memory bank is arriving at a defunct state where foreign images threaten to obliterate our confidence in traditional forms bequeathed us as foundation, a very impressive suite of graphic illustrations emerges from the concerned heart of our artist, Virginia Pacifique-Marshall.

Hers is simple, literal and unblemished but for her devotional touches, which remind us of things, peculiar to undertaking critical retrospection at strident junctures open to renewal of faiths, those that grant new possibilities. Why not? The strains of a Renaissance are evident in her effort! These impressions are not foisted on us, but rather, are propitious at this time when there is compelling lure that shifts our folk-eye away from forms indigenous to our space.

Her publication is a significant work; it must be aided: think the fruition awaited when it is officially launched and determined as required reference and research fount for the dire, faced in our space, exhausted for authentic meaningful imaging in the Arts. Think, these images, an open pond of reflections for our young ones!

Chief Ifa Oje’ Won Yomi Abiodun, LeRoy Clarke, Master Artist

About the Author

Meet the work of Virginia Pacifique-Marshall. Meet the woman – a unique Trinidad magical realism artist, painting our magical polyculture and festivals; a new fresh eye. She is a Caribbean woman painter working from her home base of Trinidad with its rich multi- and cross-cultural magic. She explores the fragmented past of our colonial legacy, which has produced a highly potential and exquisitely creative society. As a result, her experiments in form and the sounds of colour are explosively and adventurously done to render symbols, imagery and consciousness.

Influenced by Picasso’s Cubism, the Haitian Intuitive, Surrealism, Expressionism and LeRoy Clarke, Master Artist of Trinidad and Tobago, she shatters many of her images to reflect and refract the scintillating joy and pain of our distinctive postcolonial culture.

Her Carnival Suite, as but one example, captures our exuberant creativity in a kaleidoscope of colours and structure, revealing her unusual style of lines, angles and geometric forms. She reaches back to Egypt, the Source, and other cultures that also depict our New World features and futures. Her searching voice joins those who are creating our museums; a left-handed painter rendering the riches of the holistic right brain.

She is a retired primary school principal journeying into her dream of painting. In February 2012 she had her first solo art exhibition at the Normandie Hotel in Trinidad. This special collection featured the Carnival Suite of twelve traditional carnival characters, along with some of her own carnival creations, and her abstract experimental artwork.

She prefers the Abstract style of expressing her thoughts and ideas since she feels that abstract paintings give the viewers an entre into the artist’s soul and invites the viewer to delve within to arrive at meaning and personal response. Paintings such as “The Unifying Power of Love”, “Solitude”, “The Liberating Power of Laughter”, “The Sound of Colour”, have been expressed by this aficionado of art who is continuing to grow and develop.

Marina Ama Omowale Maxwell, Ph.D. Commissioner, Caribbean for Schomburg, Centre for the Preservation of Black Culture

This book represents a collection from my series: Traditional Carnival Characters (2012). Included are fifteen interpretive pieces and three of my own creations. Also included is my version of Peter Minshall’s beloved Tan Tan and Saga Boy.

It is hoped that this book will add to efforts already made to excite the minds of students, teachers, and the general reader, in order to create greater interest in our traditional mas, and serve as a catalyst for discussion and research. Let us keep the characters meaningfully alive.

Virginia Pacifique-Marshall

January 2013

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